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We Screen Print and we are awesome at it! DEXSIM employs the latest techniques in the industry to bring you one of the best screen printed Shirts. We choose only the BEST screen printers in the industry as our contracted printer.
Our prints are high in resolution and capable of fine details using special techniques, tools, and high attention to detail on each print from the artwork to the curing phase. Together with our printers, we continuously innovate new techniques. Our printers are a group of perfectionist whom think out of the box all the time. We are never rigid but flexible and innovative all the time. If there is a technique or print method that you want or can think of which has never been done before, let us know and our team will uptake the challenge to make it workable with our utmost effort!



What can DEXSIM print?

  • Water based High Solid Acrylic inks;
  • Additives; Puff, High Density, Gloss, Matte, Stretch, Metallic, Glitter, Neon, Glow-in-the-dark, and *Discharge;
  • PMS Colour Matching or Standard Pre-mix Pigments;
  • Foils;printing2-14
  • Flocks;
  • More to come in the near future!
We only utilize environmental safe inks and chemicals by far best possible. Not only it is safer for our workforce but it reduces carbon footprint and lowers impact to the environment. Make an appointment with our Sales personnel and they will be glad to showcase our capabilities to you. Want to be different? D.E.X.S.I.M can turn your ideas into reality.



DEXSIM employs a panel of reliable and experienced Digital Embroidery establishments.
Our panel of embroiderers are armed with at least 15 years of hands-on in the industry and are equipped with the latest digital embroidery machines capable of high volume output with precision.
We also possess a team of talented and experienced Digitizers whom are able to digitize your design to extreme detail.
*Discharge inks releases a small amount of formaldehyde fumes during the curing process. Our vendor’s facility is ventilated and it is a standard operating procedure that our floor personnel are equipped with a industrial gas filter mask which is required to be worn at all times during the production process.
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