Take your  pick from our various local and international brands of Apparels and Premium Gifts!
Talk to us to find out why we are different. We can assist you in your quest for a perfect apparel or premium gift.
A.S.S. – Affordable, Simplified, Speedy; our tagline which represents us:-
Affordable – In the times of rising costs, we understand the need of everyone in search of better opportunities. We keep our running cost to bare minimum and are always on the hunt for a more attractive suppliers to meet our demands while not sacrificing quality. This way, we are able to bring to you AFFORDABLE products.
Simplifed – We don’t want to complicate your buying experience. We achieve that by keeping our processes easy from the beginning when you shop to the end when your product is delivered. See how simple our website is? We show you what we sell immediately and if you require more information, our team will be thrilled to meet you at the time of your convenience. Why make things difficult when they can be SIMPLIFIED.
Speedy – Request for a quote and we will contact you real quick. Confirm your order and we will deliver the documents to you real quick. Make a payment and you will receive your purchase real quick. What more can we say? We are SPEEDY.

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